Monday, October 1, 2012

What a 4 Year Old Teaches You.....

This past week, has tested many of our friends. In ways, that I'm sure, only God would do. Just to make sure, that we still believe. One of our good friends, broke his foot. While doing some good deeds for his grandma. During his vacation. Looks like his vacation, just went from a few weeks, to a possibly a few months.....

Then on Saturday morning, Marissa came down with something. While she was trying to 'nurse her uncle back to good health.' Her words, not mine! It was so serious, that Marissa landed herself in the hospital. For 2 nights.

It was tough. Being that her daddy was working. Over an hour away. He's in the same mariachi as Manny. Selena was home alone, with 5 kids. For most of Saturday. Well, we all jumped in, when Sals decided to take Marissa to the ER. Everyone offered to take a ninito. Or in Jels case, 2! I happened to be in the area. So I met up with Jel, and took Miss Mariella. I figured, we could handle her for the night. She's only 4. What could go wrong?

Not much, when I spent the evening with Jels, Baby Jelly, Maribel, and Mariella. We ordered in pizza. Called the hospital, to check on Marissa. Assured Sancho, that things were going ok. There may have also been a little Disney Princess movie action going on. :)

Mariella and I headed home. She fell asleep on the way. Who would blame the sweet girl? It was a 45 minute drive. In the dark. After an exciting day. Manny knew that I had Mariella. On the way home, he picked up a few toys for her. Since we don't have any at home.

It was a fairly easy night. Mariella slept all night, in our spare room. She insisted that she could sleep on the 'big bed,' without falling off. :) I made a quick call to Sals, to make sure. Who knew she was such a big girl?

In the morning, Manny and I decided to make the 45 minute drive, to our friends' regular church. That way, Mariella could see her sisters. And hopefully, feel a bit more comfortable with the situation. A complete bonus, we ran into her grandparents. It made her day!

But before church, girlfriend got up, before the sun. Sign numero uno, that we're not quite ready for kids. I just couldn't believe it!! The thing about Sals' kids is, they have their routine. 'A well oiled machine,' as our friend calls it.

Mariella was up before the sun. In her pjs. Ready for 'cereals and toons.' Madeline to be exact. And preferably anything sugary. Because as I learned, they don't get those sort of treats at home. :) I put the coffee on, got a bowl of Lucky Charms for our guest, and went about trying to find Madeline on tv. Yes, we have Lucky Charms on hand. We're still kids at heart!

I was unsuccessful with finding Madeline. But Mariella went and found it for us. On This TV. Have you ever heard of that channel? I hadn't. Well, she found 'Emily of New Moon' first. Had never heard of that show. But it was cute. Something like PBS's 'Anne of Green Gables.' I thought it a bit old, for my 4 year old friend. But she enjoyed it. Ate up 2 bowls of cereal. Not even dropping a single piece of cereal, or drop of milk. She eats better than Manny and I!!

After watching Madeline, Mariella sat back and told me just how happy she was. When I asked why, she told me, 'Cause Madeline has a family. She doesn't have a mom, or dad. But those girls are her family. I'm happy for her.' She sat there, so happy for Madeline. It made my heart smile.

I remember Madeline, from when I was small. I don't remember this cartoon. But I remember the books. Very well!! They were one of my favorites to check out from the library. Deep down inside, I think I wanted to be Madeline. :)

After watching our shows, and me finally waking up, with the aid of 3 cups of coffee, I remembered those toys. The ones Manny brought home. I went and got them for Mariella. 'Tia I think I'm going to save them. To share with my sisters. My brother can't play with Barbies. But I'll hug him. Thank you!' Girl was so happy! We might have sat and played with 2 Barbies, until Manny woke up. :)

In those few hours, that we had Mariella, it taught me a lot. How kids just soak up everything. How incredibly smart they are. Just how much, I want kids. How we're not quite ready for kids of our own. And how much responsibility, goes into raising good kids. With good hearts, and morals. I applaud our friends, for the incredible job they are doing.

Turns out Marissa ate something bad at school. She traded her lunch, with a friend. Most likely, peanut butter. But she was able to go home today. Her parents are relieved, her sisters and brother.....are so excited!! All of us, are just happy for our friends. Sancho is relieved, that he had nothing to do with Marissa's illness. Despite the fact that the 2 of them, polished off a pie Friday night. :)

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