Saturday, October 20, 2012

2 Weeks!!

In just 2 weeks, I will become a married woman.Where has the time gone? No really, where has it gone?? Manny and I have dated, for what seems like a lifetime. Because there is really little, that I can remember before mi amor. He's changed my life, in so many ways. In ways, that only God could make possible.

Manny and I have looked forward to this day, for a long time. For over a year, we've talked about marriage. And for that past 10 months, we've been preparing. Preparing our hearts, souls, and minds for this day. Now, it's just around the corner. :)

I sit here, a little in shock. Not knowing what our future will bring. But excited to begin the journey. My 'hubby to be' is working. Working hard to provide for us. He's always taken amazing care of me. And I've spent my day, finalizing tons of wedding details.

It also makes me wonder, just how Anita and Ignacio pulled off their beautiful wedding. But I am a true believer, that God walks with us. Every step of the way. Making things possible. Things like love, friendships, and families.

2 weeks. 2 weeks until I'm a Mrs. There is not a thing, that could make me happier. Nothing! I'm just ready, to pledge my love. To the man I love. The man that God made, for me. To share with all of our friends and family. To celebrate the love, that God created and made possible. Just 2 more weeks!!

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