Friday, October 26, 2012

Bridal Inspiration

Last week, one of my favorite blogs had a post that hit home for me. :) It was all about 'Bridal Accessories.' This mujer was quite pleased!!

I'm still getting all my things in order. I know!! Let's not talk about it. But when I saw these earrings, I about died. With a big smile on my face!! Oh, and those shoes. Gente, do you see the shoes??

I have personally been hunting down the last minute details. I have a gorgeous pair of red heels. But now that I see these flats, I feel like I should have a pair of red flats, for the reception. I don't want my feet hurting. When I'm supposed to be dancing the night away!! :)

About a month ago, I order the perfect little clutch. In the most perfect shade of red. I sorta wish, that I had seen this picture first. Could you imagine this bag, in red?? It would look like roses. Oh, so pretty!!

If my budget allowed, I'd be all over 5 of these items. The shoes and bag, in red. Those breathtaking earrings. But honestly, I needed this shot of inspiration. You know, to get me out of the house. To pick up those last minute details. The ones that will make our day so special!! Thank you The Perfect Palette!!

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