Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Full of Life

I don't mean to get all 'preachy' on you. But there are a few things that slapped me in the face this week. And I just wanted to reflect on them.

Manny and I, are just over 2 weeks away, from getting married. There are still a lot of details to sort through. Yesterday, was just one of those days, that I swear was never going to end. We left the house before 7am. By 4:45pm I was done! Manny and I, still had an hour drive ahead of us. And I personally was not looking forward to it.

An hour to church. To the church, and people that we love. But I was ready to go home, put my pjs on, and go to bed. Yes, it was only 4:45pm. But it was 4:45pm. On a day that was kicking my butt!!

Manny asked me if I wanted to go. Half of me was screaming inside, 'Let's go home.' We were less than 10 minutes, from our home. Manny looked exhausted too. The traffic was building. And I was losing hope, that we'd make it to church on time.

But something pulled and tugged at my heart. And I could tell Manny wanted to go to church. I don't think I've shared this before. Every Tuesday and Thursday, we drive an hour to church. It all started with our friend. Years and years ago, she started going to church on these evenings. When her church got a new priest. From our sister city, just across the border. An AMAZING priest!!

Then she encouraged this guy, to go too. At the time, he was going through a tough divorce. And they got this guy to go too. He had just lost his wife. Before long, they'd encouraged many friends to join them. During Lent, we go almost every day. Sundays, we all head to our 'regular' churches. But honestly, this church feels like home.

After mass, we all head to Mems' house for dinner. He cooks for all of us. The house is full of friends, kids, and love. It's the place, we head to fill our souls. Even our priest joins us, from time to time!

This day, as tired as we were, we headed to church. As we sat there, listening to the readings, and the priest, it was like God was talking directly to us. In this cathedral, that was maybe a third full, I felt like God was talking to me.

It turned out to be a nice evening. Refreshing. I got encouragement from other friends of ours. That have recently been married. Thank you!! And we headed home. Straight to bed, with full bellies. We slept like 2 rocks. Bright and early, Manny headed out to work. And I reached for my bible.

I have to say this. I was raised in a Catholic 'church going' family. But it wasn't until I met these friends, that I've really become close to God. Feel him, in my daily life. Rely on him more. After reading my bible passages for the day, I felt more 'full of life.' The readings touched something inside.

Then I headed to my blog. Ready to share my new favorite nail color. Instead, I read the 'Daily Scripture' and 'Weekly Wisdom' that I have on my blog. Do you see it? That's some good reading people!!

What stuck out to me was the 'Weekly Wisdom.' 'If you're too busy to spend time with God, then you're simply too busy.' How appropriate for this week. No matter how busy we are, we need to turn to God. Not away from him. You can NEVER be too busy!! 'Are you so hungry to own more money, that your money owns you?' Sometimes I feel this way. We're so busy wishing and wanting, that we don't appreciate what we have.

I sent Manny a text with that last one. And it just got me thinking. Manny has been so busy working. So we can have a nice home, wedding, and all the things we want. With all of that, he's been working long and hard hours. Maybe it's time for us to sit down and re-evaluate this. Items, trips, luxuries.....are not that important.

God works in mysterious ways. He sends us to the people we need most. He shows us his words, through our own actions. When we're not too busy to listen to him, he practically spoon feeds us, these amazing words. I need to slow down. To remember what's important in life. These little things, are great reminders. Reminders that I'm grateful for!!

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