Saturday, October 13, 2012

She's My Gal!!

I'm not going to lie here. Growing up, we didn't have luxuries like cable tv. It just wasn't possible in our home. To be quite honest, I never missed it. Until I got to high school. And realized there was such a thing as MTV. :)

We honestly didn't watch much tv. It wasn't part of our lives. My parents watched the 10 o'clock news, religiously. Saturday morning cartoons were very important, until I was in middle school. And PBS, was a staple in our home. That was about as much as my parents let us watch.

My grandparents lived with us. And you just didn't mess with grandma, and her novelas. But on Saturdays, she was all about PBS. Something that we've all grown to love and appreciate. When I moved away from home, I was also pretty broke. PBS quickly became my BFF.

A few things I've neglected to share. I worked until Manny and I moved in together. Somehow, I always managed to have Saturday mornings off of work. I don't know how that happened. But it did. My love affair wit PBS, really deepened during this time.

Every Saturday morning, I'd pour a bowl of cereal, some coffee, and watch PBS. Watching many cooking shows, gardening, home improvement, there was a local real estate show, and a general 'home' show. I'd call my grandma, and we'd talk about the recipes. I'd beg her to cook something for me. Because I didn't know how to cook. Heck, I still don't really know how to cook.

But I'd watch those shows religiously. That's where I originally saw Rick Bayless. Loved his approach, to my favorite food. I watched a vegan show. Even though I'm not a vegan. It was so interesting! Many of my favorite shows, have sadly been cancelled. But PBS always has something new, in the 'cooking world' to share.

About a year ago, my friend shared this little show with me. Pati's Mexican Table. She told me that I'd love it! To be honest, I'd sorta neglected my beloved PBS. Why? I now lived with Manny. And we have like 500 channels. Saturdays have become much more hectic. That sorta thing.

I kept meaning to watch Pati's show. Things just kept coming up. Before I knew it, they stopped showing it here. I'd caught 2 shows. And guess what? I LOVED it! Stunk for me.

Since then, I've searched for the show. Even called our local PBS station. Which assured me, that sometime in Winter 2012, it would come back. Guess the heck what? Today, I got to watch Pati cook!! :)

I probably sound a bit 'stalker-ish.' But there are not many shows, that feature a Chicana. That makes food, that I grew up on. Pati is very talented. Her show is so enjoyable to watch. And her recipes, are easy and delicious!!

Hey, Food Network. You are totally missing out here. No offense to Ingrid, but Pati is your gal!! Don't forget about us Chicanas. I adore watching your shows, but you are forgetting about us. And Pati would be wonderful on your channel. Good job PBS, for remembering us. I just wish that there were more episodes of Pati's Mexican Table. You know, more than 2 months worth. :)

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