Thursday, November 1, 2012

Say What??

The fact that I'm getting married in 2 days, seems to have gotten lost, somewhere in my brain. Yes, it's November 1st. And instead of stressing about my wedding dress, shoes, and the last minute details.....I was decorating for Christmas!!

I know. I swear to you, I probably, should have gotten married, closer to Christmas. But I spent my day decorating. Manny and I scored the best Christmas tree last year.....for $15!! Originally $200 at Hobby Lobby. :)

And I remembered these little gems. From last year. I dug it out. And made my way to Target. Picked up a few things. I'd already scored a HUGE container, of red and white ornaments at Wal-Mart. I know! But they were only $10.


I have a beautiful white angel. And striped stockings. All 'After Christmas' scores. :) There are a few things I'd like to pick up. But that will have to wait. You know, until I'm a Mrs. :) That 'Love' sign.....I ordered one on Etsy. Months ago!! For our wedding. I'll put it up, in our home, after the wedding.

This time of year, just makes me so happy inside!! Tomorrow, I NEED to focus on wedding stuff. But it feels so good, to have part of our home decorated, for Christmas. :) Now I just need to learn how to bake. That would be perfect. All in due time!

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