Saturday, September 1, 2012

Oh My Apples!!

Manny had an early morning gig.That's why I'm up and blogging this early, on a Saturday. I got up, and made him some breakfast. I'm trying. Although, I've never in my life, seen eggs that looked so.....well 'cooked!'

Now that I can't sleep, I decided to get some blog reading in. The Perfect Palette has the most perfect post up!! Two things you should know, red is my favorite color. And I LOVE Fall!! That's why are wedding color is red. And we're getting married in the Fall. That and it's better for all our musician friends. :)

With that, I just about died when I saw this post!! Peeps, I don't know what I love more!! Those shoes, I just want them. Just to wear, all the time. Like when I'm home, doing the dishes. :) The!! It's perfection!! And cider. We just might have to add that to our special day.

I sorta wish, that I had seen these pictures earlier. Our invites are gorgeous. And red. Of course! I'm glad we agreed, to have them addressed in red too. :) The idea of adding apples to the wedding, just makes me smile. I should have thought of this. Who knows, I might go with a little bag of apples, as a gift too. I'm sure our guest will enjoy them. You know, with our M&Ms. :)

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