Wednesday, February 8, 2012

A Wedding Date

We have a wedding date!! After much thought, consulting with schedules, gigs, and lots of other things, we picked a date!! Everyone, let's jump up and down together. :)

And what's the date you ask? November 3, 2012. Yes, less than 9 months away. I'm starting to stress a bit. But it will be perfect. We worked around other friends' wedding dates. Due dates. Big gigs. And the holidays. I always knew I wanted to get married in Fall. So this is perfect!!

On another wedding note, I'm a little torn. Between color palettes. Thank you The Perfect Palette. It's almost a little too much inspiration. ALMOST!! I like the darker red, with hints of latte. Perfect for Fall. But this red and white, it's just perfection!!

If we were getting married, in Winter, this would be perfect. Anytime between December and February, this would be the palette for you. Oh, but isn't it lovely? Maybe, just maybe, my 'Maid of Honor' will get the hint. This would also be nice for a Bridal Shower. ;) I'm just giving a nice, little hint here. :)

Between, with this palette, you could incorporate Coca Cola too!! Cherry Coca Cola. My favorite!! Oh, I better stop while I'm ahead. Or else, I might just change our wedding date. You know, to have this classic palette, as my inspiration!!

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